Can one even imagine a country house with no pavilion set up in their backyard?

Wooden pavilion is not just an excellent protection from rain and sun, but the place where you can gather your friends and relatives round a large table for enjoyable pastime. Solid pavilions ​also fulfill aesthetic function being an ideal picturesque decoration for any country yard.

We would like to introduce you a wide selection of wooden pavilions made of timbers, wood boards and pillars. For production various types of wood are used: deal, poplar and oak. All the pavilions in our catalogue stand out for their durability, strength and stability – they defy atmospheric precipitations, burning sunlight, frost and thunder­gusts. The wood is covered with preservative oils and lacquers, which guarantee strength and grant our pavilions appealing appearance.

At the same time, construction simplicity enables to assemble these pavilions rather quickly. Moreover, most pavilion models are supplied as part of table, chair and bench sets.

Looking for an unusual and distinguishing pavilion for your garden? Our ​oak pavilions ​will certainly touch your heart!