Can one even imagine a country house with no pavilion set up in their backyard?

Is your pavilion furnished with plastic furniture that doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal, longevity and endurance?

Or you are tired of the furniture set in your dining room of your country house?

If so, we offer you a perfect alternative – solid wood furniture (tables and chairs). Our ​solid sets ​–are the standard of style, comfort and convenience.

We produce furniture only of the highest quality wood: oak, pine, ash and deal. Thanks to the thorough dehydration of the wood used for furniture assembly (no more than 18% of moisture left), our sets feature outstanding longevity and fantastic endurance.

Our ​wooden furniture is truly unique as for its production we use not only tree trunk, but roots as well.

You wonder, which type of wood is better to choose? The whole selection of the sets offered is standard of quality, but the surest option is our ​oak sets​. Oak is not only exceptionally durable wood, traditionally it is considered to be one of the most prestigious type of wood. That is why oak sets will properly decorate any pavilion or dining room.

At the same time, simple construction designs enable a quick assembly of our pavilions. Moreover, most pavilion models come with a set of chairs, benches and a table.

Looking for an unusual and a distinguished pavilion for your garden? Our ​oak pavilions ​will certainly leave and impression!